Rosendal Chamber Music Festival 2024

Erling Guldbrandsen


Erling E. Guldbrandsen has been professor of Musicology at the University of Oslo since 2004.

His field of research is Western art-music from the 18th century to the present day, with particular focus on opera and instrumental music, Norwegian music history and music from the 20th century.
Late Romantic music from Wagner to Mahler is another specialist field, along with music analysis and music philosophy.

Guldbrandsen has been a music critic for many years in, among others, Morgenbladet, NRK P2 and Ballade, and is a widely used speaker for a wider, music-loving audience at festivals, concerts and in podcasts.

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Festival Performances Year 2024

Pre-concert lecture (in Norwegian)
Erling Guldbrandsen

Pre-concert lecture (in English)
Erling Guldbrandsen

Lecture (in Norwegian)
Erling Guldbrandsen

Discussion on stage (in English)
with Leif Ove Andsnes and festival musicians, including Erling Guldbrandsen