The Manor House from 1665 between fjord, glacier, mountains and waterfalls

Home Accommodation


Accommodation with breakfast in romantic surroundings at the Home Farm. Simple but comfortable overnight accommodation in original buildings from around 1850 with 24 rooms and 40 beds in total at the Home Farm and “Fruehuset” 300 m from the Home Farm. Welcome!

Baroniet Rosendal Avlsgård & Fruehus. Riddersalen i bakgrunnen.
The Baroniet Rosendal Home Farm

The Baroniet Rosendal Home Farm

Accommodation with breakfast in romantic surroundings at the Home Farm. Simple but comfortable overnight accommodation in original buildings from around 1850 with 23 rooms and 40 beds. The Home Farm has 5 single and 9 double rooms, in “Fruehuset” 300 m down the road there are 2 single rooms and 7 double rooms. In some rooms, we may provide extra beds.


  • Breakfast is served in the old kitchen at the farm with a fire in the hearth from 1850.
  • All rooms are non smoking.
  • Most of the rooms have washing facilities, shared bathrooms are located in the hallway. Authentical building from the 1850s.
  • Check-in from 16.00.
  • When available, a 3-course Farm Dinner is normally served at 19.00 in the Farm Kitchen and Servant´s Hall. On event evenings the dinner is normally served in the cellar of the Great Hall. Table reservations.


“Fruehuset” (“the Ladies’ house”) is situated on the other side of the field, down by the river. The rooms are of similar kinds as at the Home Farm, in romantic surroundings and shared bathrooms in the hall. There is also a lovely little garden with benches in front of the house, away from the tourists.


Baroniet Rosendal Avlsgård og Fruehus. Fruehuset om våren.

Breakfast is served at the Home Farm, a nice little morning walk of 300 metres along the river. Please tell us which house you prefer a room in when you book.


Double room with breakfast kr. 1490,- / 1690,-
Single room with breakfast kr. 1190,- / 1290,-
Extra bed in double room with breakfast children kr. 250,- / adults kr. 500,-
Extra bed in single room with breakfast kr. 500,-
Breakfast external guests kr. 300,-
Dinner at the Farm 690,-
Lunch in the Garden Cafe before 16.00 for pre-ordered groups 290,- / 349,-

Meeting facilities

Kurs og konferanse på Baroniet Rosendal.

There are two seminar rooms at the Home Farm. The big meeting room is suitable for up to 40 persons and is equipped with broadband, flipchart, projector, whiteboard, TV and video.

There is also a group room suitable for up to 10 -15 people:

Kurs, konferanse og møte på Baroniet Rosendal Avlsgård & Fruehus. Her grupperommet.


Dinner is available for individual visitors in Storakjøkenet during the season. The Chef makes use of herbs and vegetables from the Manors Kitchen & Herb garden. For table reservations, please call +47 53 48 29 99.

Restaurant på Baroniet Rosendal Avlsgård & Fruehus. 3-retters middag i sesongen


Please make table reservations or other requests by email [email protected] or phone +47 53 48 29 99.

Gift certificates

Give a nice stay at Rosendal as a present! See the cultural program for combination tickets with accommodations, 3-course dinners, and cultural events if you would like the gift to be valid for a special date or a particular event.

The following gift cards are valid throughout the 2023 season.

Purchase your gift certificates here:

  • The Gift Certificates are valid throughout the 2023 season, so date for accommodation must be confirmed by email on [email protected]. Please bring gift certificate/ticket on arrival.
  • Dinner is not offered at Rosendal Avlsgård every day, and sometimes dinner is moved to the Tea Room at the Manor or Ridderstuen on nights of events.

Gift Certificates

  • NB: room and concert must be ordered through TicketCo – please use your reference number to validate the gift card (in order to book room/event tickets for the desired date).
  • NB: one double room = 2 persons incl. breakfast
  • pay with VISA or MasterCard and get your tickets immediately by email – no extra ticket fee!
  • print tickets on an ordinary printer or keep them digitally on your phone

History of Rosendal Avlsgård

In the 1850s, the Heir to the estate Baroniet Rosendal, Marcus Gerhard Hoff Rosenkrone, (1823-1896) established Rosendal Avlsgard as an example farm for sheep and horses. The farm was of major importance for agricultural rearing and breeding work in the district. In 1875, “Rosendal Høiere Almue Skule” was established. Teaching was financed by the Heir, who taught foreign languages, history, physics and geography.

Fruehuset (“the Ladies’ house”) was built around 1860 to the widowed wife of the priest, Karen Unger, and the daughters Pauline, Bolette and Nanna. Nanna was later married to Hans E. Kinck, while the three single women stayed in Fruehuset under the protection of Marcus Gerhard Hoff-Rosenkrones to his death. The house later got the name Fruehuset after mrs. Karen Unger. Marcus Gerhard and his siblings got a special relationship with vicar Elias B. Unger at Malmanger clergy house, and his daughter Kathinka, who was Marcus Gerhard’s great love. Unfortunately, Kathinka died in 1853, only 18 years old. After the death of Kathinka, Marcus Gerhard never fell in love again.

You can read about Marcus Gerhard Hoff Rosenkrone’s lifework in Rosendal in the 1996 anniversary book: Marcus Gerhard Hoff Rosenkrone 1823-1896, Baroniet Rosendal.