The Manor House from 1665 between fjord, glacier, mountains and waterfalls

Home Restaurants


Our chef serves coffee and cake in the Tea Room, light lunches in Rosendal Greenhouse, and three or five course gourmet dinners in the Blue Dining Room. All menus are based on ingredients from the newly restored Kithchen&Herb Garden in Rosendal Garden. Fresh ingredients are harvested daily throughout the season.

Restaurant Drivhuset

Rosendal Greenhouse

The newly restored Rosendal Greenhouse is now ready to receive our lunch guests, whether indoors our outside when the weather permits.

Fresh ingredients from the Kitchen & Herb Garden are harvested daily throughout the season, and are prominently featured on the menus of Rosendal Greenhouse.



The Tea Room at the Manor

The old Havestuen at the Manor today hosts a small cafe serving coffee, the Baronesses Rose Tea and home baked cakes.

We also have a small selection of souvenires like art catalogues, posters and a tea composed especially for Baroniet; the Baronesses Rose Tea.


The Home Farm

For groups staying at the Home Farm we can offer three course gourmet dinners in the kitchen at the home farm, with lit candles and a fire lit in the stove.

Unfortunately we have very limited capacity and can only now and then offer meals for groups not staying at the home farm. For groups not staying at the home farm we would like to recommend Rosendal Greenhouse, the Tea Room or the Old Kitchen at the manor.

Den Blå Sal

Evening at the Manor

Groups can experience an evening at the Manor from 1665 with dinner in the Blue Dining Room. This is a lovely venue for weddings or other celebrations in a manorial atmosphere.

  • Aperitif in the Winecellar
  • Guided tour by candlelight
  • Concert in the Red Room
  • Three or five course dinner in the Blue Dining Room (seats 39 pax)
  • A nice cup of coffee by the hearth in the Old Kitchen at the end of the evening.

For more information and booking: please contact us by e-mail

The Old Kitchen and Servant’s Hall

The Old Kitchen is the original kitchen from 1665 with a traditional hearth and stone bakery oven. Groups can have coffe and cakes with lit candles and fire on the hearth.

This film is from the Old Kitchen where local children are baking for Christmas in the stone bakery oven from 1700th century:

Garden Café