The Manor House from 1665 between fjord, glacier, mountains and waterfalls

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Fjordcruise to Rosendal

A lovely fjordcruise from Bergen / Os to Rosendal across the fjords south of Bergen to the Hardangerfjord – the queen of the fjords. The boat is the fastest and most comfortable means of transport between Bergen and Rosendal, also stopping at Flesland airport (buy tickets from Bergen, they are also valid from Flesland harbor). The tickets include a nice experience, lovely food and scenery ready to take your breath away.

Hardangerfjord express & the Barony Rosendal

Experience the Hardangerfjord and Rosendal with its mountains and waterfalls!

The tour can easily be extended with an overnight stay in Rosendal: Your return ticket is valid for 14 days! The Barony Rosendal Home farm B&B offers accommodation with breakfast in romantical surroundings. For booking: please send email to or call +47 53 48 29 99. Time table for the boat available here.

  • Fjordcruise to/from Bergen – Rosendal included an 3 1/2 hour stop in Rosendal.
  • Guided tour at the Manor from 1665
  • Delicious 2-course hot lunch and coffee/tea with fresh ingredients from the kitchen and herb garden in Rosendal Gardens Café included!
  • Exploring the romantic Rosendal Gardens with an abundance of roses

Please note: the package is only available here and at the tourist information in Bergen before departure. The package can not be purchased directly on the boat or at the Manor in Rosendal. In Rosendal there is a 1,5 km walk to the Manor (no guide). If you would like a taxi, please ask the staff at the boat or call +47 917 81 000.

Extra service to fjord cruise guests: avoid queuing!

Fjord Cruise Guests have priority entrance on guided tours and a reserved table with fast, queue-free orders at lunch:

  • Monday – Friday guided tour at 12.00, lunch at 13.00
  • Saturday and Sunday: lunch at 14.00 and guided tour at 15.00
  • Lunch menu: A variety of local salmon, baked potatoes and fresh salad from our garden. Rhubarb cake with rhubarb from our garden and coffee/tea. Please let us know by email or in the ticket office at the entrance in case you have allergies or need an alternative menu.

Tickets from Bergen:

To find tickets click here:

Price incl. 2-course hot lunch in Rosendal Garden café

Adults NOK
Senior citizens NOK
Children 4-15 years NOK

Monday – Friday

  • Departure Bergen at 08.50 (bus from Flesland airport to the boat 09.05) – arrival Rosendal at 10.45
  • Departure Rosendal at 14.25  – arrival Bergen at 16.20 (arrival Flesland harbor 15.55, arrival at the airport ca 7 minutes later)

Saturday – sunday

  • Departure Bergen at 11.00 (bus from Flesland airport to the boat 11.15) – arrival Rosendal at 12.55
  • Departure Rosendal at 16.35 – arrival Bergen at 18.25  (arrival Flesland harbor 18.00, arrival at the airport ca. 7 minutes later)

Bergen - Rosendal Hardangerfjord speedboat express

The Bergen tickets are also valid from Bergen airport Flesland harbor. There is a bus from the airport to the Flesland harbor to/from all boat arrivals, a 7 minute trip. When going back to the airport, please let the crew on the boat know that you need the bus for the airport in order to pre-book seats.

To find tickets click here:

Tickets from Solstrand/Os:

To find tickets click here:


Monday – friday:

  • Departure Os at 09.50* – arrival Rosendal at 10.45 (please order the boat 30 min before departure by calling +47 98 24 15 30, otherwise the boat will not stop at Os!)
  • Departure Rosendal at 14.25 – arrival Os at 15.15

Saturday – sunday:

  • Departure Os at 12.00 – arrival Rosendal at 12.55
  • Departure Rosendal at 16.35 – arrival Os at 17.23

To find tickets click here:

Os and Solstrand - Rosendal Hardangerfjord speedboat express

Gift cards

Please tell us which date you would like to use your travel gifts cards in advance by sending an email to, or call +47 53 48 29 99 (or leave a message here).

For tour operators:

This package is based on a group of prices from both Rødne Fjord Cruise and Baroniet Rosendal regardless of the size of the group. Unfortunately, we cannot accept paper vouchers for individual guests. Please click here to find tickets and select the tour operator ticket:  For groups of min. 15 persons, we may send an invoice, including one free guide-ticket. Please contact

Images for marketing purposes of Baroniet Rosendal Manor House & Gardens are available here.