Rosendal Chamber Music Festival 2020

Where to stay?

Accommodation in Rosendal

Ready-made packages with accommodation
Including festival tickets

We have reserved all rooms available at the hotels in town this weekend for our guests, and offer ready-made packages to make it easy for you to plan your stay in Rosendal.

The packages include

- tickets for all events in your time period (either the entire festival or two-day intervals)
- festival programme
- Art catalogue
- free entrance to the Manor House
- free entrance to the festival art exhibition
- free entrance to Rosendal Gardens
- accommodation with breakfast at either:

- Rosendal Fjordhotel
- with en-suite bathroom
- 2-course dinner
- Breakfast buffet

- Rosendal Turisthotell
- with shared bathrooms in the hallway
- 3-course dinner
- Breakfast buffet

- Husnes Hotell
- with en-suite bathroom
- 3-course dinner at Rosendal Turisthotell (1,0 km from Baroniet)
- Breakfast

Large festival packages Thursday - Sunday

Everything you need for a complete festival experience!

Day and night packages

If you would like a little shorter stay, we have split up the big festival packages in single days incl. dinner in the evening and accommodation with breakfast:

Thursday at 20:00 until Friday at 18:30
Friday at 15:00 until Saturday at 15:40.
Saturday at 16:45 until Sunday at 18:00
All events within these time frames are included in the package (please see the programme for details).


Accommodation tips

Where to stay close to Rosendal

Our best tips for accommodation

Tip no. 1: check, there are suppliers in the Rosendal area you might consider.

Tip no. 2: the budget option in Rosendal: Spiskammerset lille motel

Tip no. 3: Uskedal village 13 km from Rosendal:
Solheim Turiststasjon
Dønhaug Gjestegard (also on

Tip no. 4: Odda village 46 km from Rosendal:
Hardanger Hotel
Trolltunga Hotel
Apothekergården Gjestehus
Tyssedal Hotel

Tip no. 5: Hotel Ullensvang, Lofthus 78 km/1h 36 min from Rosendal

Tip no. 6: Solstrand Hotel, 68 km and two ferry trips from Rosendal. Boat transport to Rosendal.

Tip no. 7: Haaheim Gaard, Tysnes. 61 km and a ferry trip from Rosendal

How to get here?


Bergen to Rosendal
every day all year round

The means of transport between Bergen and Hardanger.
Departure from Bergen airport Flesland ca 10 min. before boat departure time from Flesland. Return to Bergen is also stopping at Flesland, always offering bus to the airport!

Departure Bergen: 08.50 and 16.30 Monday-Friday. 11.00 and 18.45 Saturday-Sunday.

Departure Bergen Airport Flesland (bus to Flesland quay): 09.05 and 16.45 Monday-Friday. 11.15 and 19.00 Saturday-Sunday.

Departure Os: 09.50 and 17.30 Monday-Friday. 12.00 and 19.45 Saturday-Sunday.

Departure Rosendal-Os/Bergen Airport Flesland/Bergen: 06.50 and 14.25 Monday-Friday. 09.00 and 16.35 Saturday-Sunday.



Bus from Bergen to Rosendal
every day all year round

Comfortable transport between Bergen and Rosendal. The bus stops at Nesttun, Bergen Light Rail to Bergen Airport Flesland.

Tips for return to Bergen after the festival: Bus Rosendal - Bergen Sunday 11 August at 18.50, arr. Bergen at 21.50

Please see

Complete experience package

Hardangerfjordcruise from Bergen/Os to Rosendal!

The package includes:

boat to/from Bergen/Flesland or Os,

entrance Rosendal Gardens, art exhibition and guided tour at the Manor,

A delicious 2-course hot lunch in Rosendal Greenhouse with fresh ingredients from the kitchen and herb garden!


Bergen – Rosendal (120 km / 2 hours 25 min)
+ ferry Gjermundshavn – Årsnes

Oslo – Rosendal (408 km / 6 hours 29 min)
no ferries

Haugesund – Rosendal (114 km / 2 hours 41 min)
+ ferry Skjersholmane – Ranavik

Stavanger – Rosendal (171 km / 4 hours 7 min)
+ ferry Mortavika – Arsvågen and ferry Skjersholmane – Ranavik

Kristiansand – Rosendal (379 km / 5 hours 57 min)
no ferries

Baroniet Rosendal

Postboks 235
5486 Rosendal