The manor from 1665 between fjords, glaciers, mountains and waterfalls

The Manor from 1665

The Manor from 1665

In 1658 there was a wedding between Norway’s wealthiest heir, Karen Mowat and a poor but proud Danish nobleman. Karen Mowat and Ludvig Rosenkrantz were given the farm Hatteberg as a wedding present. They built their home here, and called it Rosendal. It was finished in 1665. A guided tour at Baroniet Rosendal is a tour through different epochs. The rooms are influenced by owners over 250 years, and the manor is preserved as a home – the way it was when the last owners left in 1927.

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Rosendal Gardens

Rosendal Gardens

Ludvig Rosenkrantz and Karen Mowatt’s little manor from the 1660s is surrounded by beautiful and historic grounds, including a Renaissance garden, a romantic landscape garden and the kitchen garden. From Rosendal Garden you get a grand view of the enveloping mountains Malmangernuten, melderskin and Laurdalstind, and of the waterfall Hattebergfossen and Hardangerfjorden. The garden has been built up over several hundred years of changing styles and fashions in gardening, Here you can experience more than 300 years of garden history.

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Art exhibition 5 Mai – 14 August

Art & Music
Schubert 1828
Kandinsky & Klee

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Fjordcruise to Rosendal

Day trip by boat from Bergen/Os to Rosendal by the Hardangerfjord. Package deal with good discounts: Fjordcruise to/from Bergen/Os. Guided tour at the Manor. 2-course hot lunch in the Garden Café. Rosendal Gardens with roses in abundance. Art exhibition. The tour can easily be extended: Your return ticket is valid for 14 days!

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Our chef serves coffee and cake in the Tea Room, light lunches in Rosendal Greenhouse, and three or five course gourmet dinners in the Blue Dining Room. All menus are based on ecological ingredients from the newly restored Kithchen&Herb Garden in Rosendal Garden. Fresh ingredients are harvested daily throughout the season.

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Accommodation with breakfast in romantic surroundings at the Home Farm. Simple but comfortable overnight accommodation in original buildings from around 1850 with 23 rooms and 40 beds in total at the Home Farm and “Fruehuset”. 3-course dinner is offered in the Kitchen during the season. Meeting facilities available. Welcome!

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Events 2016

Karina Opdal

26.08.16 at 17.00 and 19.30, The Red Room

"Marlene, Marilyn & me"
A cabaret based on the music from the legendary stars Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe. Still sparkling, hanging high, they have a lot to say about “das leben und die Liebe… life and love.”

With Alex Hutton from London by the piano, and the singer and actress Karina Opdal on stage, we invite you all to the last concert of the season and a bewitching evening – as the stars themselves would want it.
Lyrics will be in German, English and Norwegian.

Gift cards and season cards

04.09.16 00.00 - 04.09.16 00.00, Baroniet Rosendal

Gift cards for the 2016 season
- Tickets for the events program at the Baroniet Rosendal Manor House & Gardens
- 3-course dinner at the Home Farm
- Accommodation with breakfast at the Home Farm
- Fjord cruise packages from Bergen/Os incl. boat, entrance, guided tour and a 2-course hot lunch in the Greenhouse
Season card for the 2016 season: personal card or family card

Rosendal Chamber Music Festival

Rosendal Chamber Music Festival

"Welcome to the first Rosendal Chamber Music Festival: August 11-14, 2016! Nature, history, and culture converge in a unique way at Rosendal, and I can hardly think of a finer place for an intimate chamber music festival. I have played concerts at the Rosendal Manor House and Gardens for over twenty years and this place means something very special to me. Baroniet Rosendal cannot be described, it must be experienced." - Leif Ove Andsnes
Rosendal Chamber Music Festival in cooperation with the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation.

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